Can an old dog learn new tricks?


Hi I’m Devi.

Is it possible for a 47-year-old yoga hopeful to transform into a yoga Devi?

When my sister and I were little we auditioned for the school choir. My sister was told she could join only if she mouthed the words! What was the use of that we thought? I had my own similar experience a few years ago. As I began a private yoga class with ¬†friends the yoga teacher sneered at my cross-legged seated pose and commented “Mmm…so inflexible…so closed”. Please note the high knees in the above photo. After the class she told me that maybe walking on the beach would be better for me. Wow! What about the peace and serenity of yoga?

This thoughtless comment really scarred me. I thought flexibility was inherited…it’s not my fault! I have two non-stretchy parents!

However I am hoping to prove this supposed “yoga expert” wrong…

  • Can I learn to touch my toes? Or maybe even the floor!
  • Will I ever be able to do a head stand?
  • Will I ever be able to sit on the floor and then lie on my outstretched legs?

I hope you will follow me on my journey of yoga discovery. Yoga is not just the poses it is much, much more…

Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks.